[osg-users] Crash in nVidia driver : particles + dynamically adding/removing views

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com
Wed Nov 4 06:29:30 PST 2009

Hi Jason,

> If you change the graphics context creation code to the 
> following and uncomment the incrementContextIDUsageCount then your 
> example seems to work fine with no shared context.  This will force a 
> new context ID to be created the next time a graphics context is created 
> rather than trying to reuse the previous one.

Yep, that did it. Actually I can just call incrementContextIDUsageCount 
on the contextID of the context created by setUpViewInWindow() as well. 
See the attached modified code.

Hmmm, so that no longer points to a driver bug at all, but at something 
that's not cleaned up correctly when reusing the context ID of a context 
that's been deleted. But as I said previously, I tried to clean up the 
scene graph's GL objects, and also the osg::Drawable::Extensions object 
corresponding to the deleted context ID, but that wasn't enough. So what 
else needs to be cleaned up?

For now though, I think we can live with just using a new context ID 
each time, and hoping that everything will be cleaned up at application 
exit. It's better than a crash. It would be nice to know what exactly is 
not being cleaned up correctly and fix it, though.

Thanks a lot for your input, Jason.

Jean-Sebastien Guay    jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com
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