[osg-users] Setting up VPBMaster

Riepl, David M david.m.riepl at boeing.com
Tue Nov 3 14:13:16 PST 2009

Regarding your questions on what osgdem does if it crashes...
1) No, it cannot pick back up from where it left off and continue on.  You would have to start over and hope for better results.  I always suffered from "laughable" experiences where it would be on the 10th day of a build and the power would go out.
2)  However, all is not lost.  In my experience you can still run your paged terrain in osgviewer fine.  Of course in the highest LOD you won't have complete coverage.  But what you had up to that point is still flyable.  If you get in close enough to a part of the terrain that failed, it will throw errors/warnings but I have not seen it cause a crash.  You just won't see the highest resolution you intended there.
3) I have not gotten a chance to use VPB yet, but it sounds good.

David Riepl

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Well, that's not what I was hoping to hear, but it certainly answers my question, so thanks again for that! By the way, it turns out that we do utilize the 3D capabilities of this data in our software for a separate page that shows the Helicopter from a out-of-copter view, flying over the terrain/buildings. My focus is on the 2D part. Tomorrow I'm presenting a bunch of data/issues/alternatives to some In-House big wigs, so they will determine our next course of action. Thanks again for all your help, and hopefully we'll get this thing working at some point!

> Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 10:12:36 -0700
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> Jacob Armstrong wrote:
> > I want to thank you again for all your help on this issue. I've got my
> > fingers crossed for this to work, but we've already come up with some
> > ideas of how to cut this down for the next run. My manager knows I've
> > been in contact with you on this, and she was wondering if you part of
> > the development team for OpenSceneGraph, or if you're a knowledgeable
> > user or what? I told her I wasn't sure, but you seemed to know more
> > about this stuff that I do. :)
> Well, I don't know that the "development team for OpenSceneGraph" is a clearly defined
> set. By volume, Robert is the author of the vast majority of the OSG source code, but
> there's a long list of other contributors as well. I'm one of the those folks. I've worked
> on terrain-related aspects of OSG since, err, I can't remember how long. Well before OSG
> 1.0. I'm also one of the few people brave enough to dive into and work on VPB's own code,
> though I don't know it inside and out. I've worked on 3D terrain software since about 1992.
> > I wanted to ask you something else on OSGDem if that's ok. I posted
> > another thread about what to do if OSGDem crashes during a run, but I
> > haven't gotten any responses to it. I was wondering if there's any log
> > file or any way OSGDem can pick up where it left off (or somewhere close
> > to it) after a crash, or does it have to start from the beginning again?
> > Do you happen to know about this?
> I don't know if there's any way to restart OSGDEM. I kinda doubt it, because it would
> have no idea what the current state would be, or what files might have been written
> improperly or incompletely during the crash.
> I would expect the full VPB might have a better chance of this, because it breaks the
> work up into discrete jobs and dispatches them, and keeps track of what gets done. it
> might be able to resume a partially completed job.
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