[osg-users] Change to Optimizer OptimizationOptions

Wojciech Lewandowski lewandowski at ai.com.pl
Tue Nov 3 09:34:25 PST 2009

IMHO This is the best option so far ;-). I like it.


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> Hi Chris,
> Chris 'Xenon' Hanson schrieb:
>> Peter Hrenka wrote:
>>> Has anybody had a look at Qt's QFlags?
>>> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/qflags.html
>>> They provide a type-safe way of dealing with bit-mask-style enums.
>>> The implementation is mostly a template class with overloaded
>>> operators. Once you have the idea, it should be rather trivial
>>> to reimplement this from scratch and tailor it OSG's requirements.
>>   I'm not familiar with it, but I agree that perhaps a flags 
>> class/template would be a
>> smart way to clean up the situation. If it would solve the issues.
>>   I know I'm always happier using a provided set/test API than manually 
>> masking stuff. As
>> long as it doesn't bloat the data size beyond the simple storage of the 
>> flag word. as long
>> as we don't make any of it virtual, I think it would be ok. Though I 
>> don't know how RTTI
>> adds to the class per-instance weight of a real class (as opposed to a 
>> built-in type like
>> unsigned long int). Any C++ guru care to comment on that?
> Nothing needs to be virtual here. It's just a template class
> with overloaded operators which means everything is effectively
> inlined. We could also use an "unsigned int" as internal storage type
> (Qt seems to use a signed int).
> Cheers,
> Peter
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