[osg-users] How should I organize the scene graph to handle 2million points and lines?

Tomlinson, Gordon GTOMLINSON at overwatch.textron.com
Tue Nov 3 06:19:05 PST 2009


We work with 100's Millions of Points  in our OSG base applications,
along with large amount of imagery (Giga & terra bytes), elevation and
feature data in one scene

We do have to manage them through various LOD, Memory and paging
techniques we have etc

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Gordon Tomlinson
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Thank you for your suggestions! I think the scribe effect is probably
what I want for selection.

You mentioned something about unreferencing data on the CPU side once it
is uploaded. I am quite interested in this. Could you please give me
more details?

Honestly speaking, the 2 million points and lines are probably not the
largest dataset I will encounter. During the last few days, I discovered
that my viewer probably has an acceptable performance, but the large
amount of memory that it uses is probably the main issue I need to deal
with. If there are some ways that can reduce the size of the scene graph
or cache inactive part of the scene graph on disk, I would like to give
them a try.

Thank you!


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