[osg-users] Setting up VPBMaster

Jacob Armstrong jacob88 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 2 10:54:24 PST 2009

We received OpenFlight data from our customer for the map that we need to display on our software. The data consists of terrain data, texture data, and model data. The database is 1000kmx1000km. My former co-worker wrote a tool that renders all of this OpenFlight data and generates bitmaps from it (12000x12000 pixels). We are using a resolution of 4 meters per pixel for the bottom half of the database (mostly water), and a resolution of 2 meters per pixel for the upper half of the database). After his tool is done we have 1879 bitmaps and an args file that we pass into OSGDem to generate an .ive database which will be used by our database.
He wrote a method and added it to our OSGDem project that takes the args file as an -ARGS_FILE argument and feeds OSGDem all of the bitmaps and their corresponding arguments. When this is done, we have a master .ive file with a number of "subtile" .ive files for each Level of Detail. In the samples my co-worker generated, the highest level was L8, and we were currently going to L10 or L11 (the output screen says "Need to Divide X + Y for Level 10", so I'm assuming it's going to Level 11, and if L0 is one of those, then we've got 12 Levels). Our software then uses all of these .ives and the appropriate level of detail is displayed based on the current Zoom Level in our software (user-specified dynamically).



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> Jacob Armstrong wrote:
> > question, you're exactly right. I'm taking a bunch of Openflight data
> > with 3D terrain/textures/models and I'm just generating a 2D map to be
> > displayed from the Bird's-Eye-View. Your comment about going about that
> > the wrong way scares me, but also indicates that there's a better way?
> > Could you shed some light on that? I would love to pursue a different
> > approach if it's more feasible for what I'm doing.
> Using 3D to solve a 2D problem is never the right approach.
> Your mention of OpenFlight makes no sense to me. OSGDEM can't take OpenFlight data as an
> input data source AFAIK. My understanding is you have a bunch of raster images you're
> feeding to OSGDEM (possibly with some DEM terrain data, but maybe not) and making a .OSG
> dataset.
> Explain to me what role OpenFlight is playing here. I could write you a 2D zoomable map
> window component that would mop the floor with what you're trying to do. You're using a
> gigantic hammer (OSG, 3D, openGL, OSGDEM) to solve a 'screw' problem that should really be
> solved with a screwdriver (2d graphics techniques).
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