[osg-users] Setting up VPBMaster

Chris 'Xenon' Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Mon Nov 2 09:43:08 PST 2009

Jacob Armstrong wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I'm trying to use VPBMaster-0.9.0 or
> VPBMaster-0.9.1 with OpenSceneGraph-1.2, so you're right, I'm not sure
> if they're even compatible.

  You're playing with fire here. I expect they are not going to be compatible.

> I'm only using this as a back-up option
> though. Robert said that osgdem can't handle a database as large as the
> one we're trying to generate, but it has been running for 7 days and
> seems to be processing all of the data. Do you know what the expected
> behavior is for osgdem if I pass in 1879 bitmaps and try to generate a
> 1000kmx1000km database at 2MPP (actually, the lower half of the DB is
> being generated at 4MPP(11 levels), and the upper half of the DB is
> being generated at 2MPP(12 levels))? My estimate is that OSGDem will
> finish processing the data in 8 more days and then begin generating the
> files (for approximately 9 more days). Do you think this will even work?
> I'm really hoping it will.  :)

  You're outside the envelope. It might work. It might cause a singularity that sucks the
universe beyond the event horizon and into a black hole. ;) Good luck with that.

  You're going to be really mad if it gets to the end and either crashes or makes garbage
data, and you'll wonder why you didn't spend that time adapting to the latest code that
could have done the job properly and more rapidly using multiple CPUs and stuff.

  Are you really generating a 3D database from all of this? It almost sounds like your
just doing a 2D orthographic map, which tells me you're going about this COMPLETELY the
wrong way.

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