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Jacob Armstrong jacob88 at hotmail.com
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Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I'm trying to use VPBMaster-0.9.0 or VPBMaster-0.9.1 with OpenSceneGraph-1.2, so you're right, I'm not sure if they're even compatible. I'm only using this as a back-up option though. Robert said that osgdem can't handle a database as large as the one we're trying to generate, but it has been running for 7 days and seems to be processing all of the data. Do you know what the expected behavior is for osgdem if I pass in 1879 bitmaps and try to generate a 1000kmx1000km database at 2MPP (actually, the lower half of the DB is being generated at 4MPP(11 levels), and the upper half of the DB is being generated at 2MPP(12 levels))? My estimate is that OSGDem will finish processing the data in 8 more days and then begin generating the files (for approximately 9 more days). Do you think this will even work? I'm really hoping it will.  :)



> Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 10:20:04 -0700
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> Subject: Re: [osg-users] Setting up VPBMaster
> Jacob Armstrong wrote:
> > I'm picking up a project that was started by someone else who left the
> > company and re-located a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure how we got
> > to the point we're at, but that's what I'm stuck with, and it's too late
> > to try switching things around now.
> Hmm. Well, you're going to experience some grief being on such an old release. There are
> many bugs that have been fixed since 1.2, I'm sure. You will probably encounter them.
> Depending on your schedule, you might strongly consider trying to compile your codebase
> against a current OpenSceneGraph-2.8.2 release. We're going to be hard-pressed to help you
> with issues on such an old codebase. And, you're going to have to update at SOME point.
> > I work for a Flight Simulation
> > Company and we're generating a Tactical Map that is 1000kmx1000km. We
> > generated 1879 Bitmaps at a resolution of 2MPP, and I'm using osgdem to
> > generate an .ive database to be used by our software on a Flight
> > Simulator we're currently building. It's currently been running for 7
> > days, and it's diving into the 11th Level, so I'm anticipating around
> > 873,000 files to be generated, consuming approximately 175GB. I'm fine
> > with the Disk Space as we're storing the DB (along with 4 others of
> > similar sizes) on a 2TB drive.
> Ok.
> > I was told by Robert Osfield to try using
> > VPBMaster for this, but I can't get off the ground with it. He said 1879
> > files was too much to feed into OSGDem. However, my former co-worker
> > wrote a method that handles an ARG_FILE as input to OSGDem and feeds it
> > the parameters as necessary to execute them. I believe this method is
> > doing what vpbmaster would do, if I could get it running. Do you have
> > any thoughts all that?
> Well, I have no idea how your co-worker was using OSGDem. Is it anyone we'd know?
> Are you trying to compile an OSGDEM/VPB release from a modern VPB code checkout, or what
> version of the VPB code are you using? Your code ingredients here may be toxically immiscible.
> > Thanks!
> > Jake
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