[osg-users] Broken Textures in Recent OSG

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 07:06:16 PST 2009

Hi Wojtek,

My guess is that texture coordinate output is getting corrupted for
some reason.  Looking at the .osg file it has a PER_PRIMITIVE color
array which will force osg::Geometry to use slow paths, so perhaps
this is a big buggy in certain combinations of array set up.   Could
you try removing the colour array from the .osg file and then have a
look at the results, as this should get osg::Geometry back on fast

Unfortunately I have only have a GLES 2 build of the OSG on my dev
machines right now, and GLES2 doesn't yet work well enough for me to
do any diagnostics on things like osg::Geometry, so I won't be able to
look into this problem right away.  Once I've got a bit more of the
GLES 2 port working I'll return to testing the standard GL build out
and should be able to track down the issue with handling this model.


2009/11/2 Wojciech Lewandowski <lewandowski at ai.com.pl>:
> Hi Robert,
> Recent changes in OSG trunk, are somehow responsible for the problems with
> texture mapping we started to observe. I have attached simple model showing
> the effect. Below are also screenshots from osgviewer 2.8.2 (correct) and
> today SVN (bad). I first noticed this problem on last friday.
> Wojtek Lewandowski
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