[osg-users] [osgOcean] 3D model material display error!

Kim Bale kcbale at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 2 06:04:45 PST 2009

Hi Jan,

All the frame buffer objects in osgOcean use texture rectangles so it
simply passes them directly to the texture/camera setups, so there
shouldn't be any limit.

I assume the cropping is on the horizontal not the vertical? Have you
checked the values that are passed into setScreenDims()? obvious I
know but since you're using a fancy display set up something might be
going wrong when you're querying the resolution.



2009/11/2 Jan Ciger <jan.ciger at gmail.com>:
> Kim Bale <kcbale at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Jan, Tian,
>> osgOcean uses shaders for pretty much every effect in the scene -
>> fogging, depth of field, glare, lighting etc. If objects that are
>> added to the scene are to look consistent with the ocean effects they
>> will require a shader to be applied that takes into account these
>> effects. This is particularly necessary if the fullscreen effects are
>> used as they require the alpha component of the frame buffer to work.
> ...
>> Alternatively you can turn the default shader off completely with
>> setter in OceanScene.
> Thanks for the exhaustive answer Kim! That will save me some digging.
> BTW, I was trying to run osgOcean full screen on a screen with a resolution
> 2496x1050 (2x 1400x1050 but with a projector overlap in the middle, so not
> full 2800px) and it was never properly full screen. Or rather the OSG window
> was, but the scene was clipped somehow and not filling the whole window. Is the
> code silently reducing the size to make it power of 2, by chance? Or is there
> a hardwired limit somewhere?
> I have a resize callback calling setScreenDims() already and it works for the
> most cases.
> Jan
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