[osg-users] Setting up VPBMaster

Jacob Armstrong jacob88 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 2 04:59:37 PST 2009



How exactly does one go about setting up VBPMaster and its dependencies? I already had OpenSceneGraph and its dependencies (Producers and OpenThreads). Now I'm trying to set up VPBMaster and I had to use CMake to get an .sln file, so I did that. Then I received a series of errors when trying to compile it, so I moved some input and .lib files around and finally got it to build. However, I'm not getting linking errors, such as:


VirtualPlanetBuilder\VirtualPlanetBuilder\src\osgTerrain\DataSet.cpp(56) : warning C4273: 'vpb::DataSet::setNotifyOffset' : inconsistent dll linkage


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? I can't find any documentation on how to set up your directories for VPBMaster.



Windows 7: It works the way you want.
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