[osg-users] osgViewer crash loading textures under Windows Vista

Philip Lamb phil at eden.net.nz
Mon Nov 2 04:59:17 PST 2009

osgViewer (OSG v2.6, compiled under Windows XP SP3 with Visual Studio  
2005 SP1) crashes while loading textured models (e.g. cow.osg) when I  
run it on a clean install of Windows Vista SP2. Before I go through the
pain of installing VS on this copy of Vista to run the debugger, are  
there any known gotchas running OSG compiled under XP in Vista?

I'm tempted to just tell the customer to go back to running our app  
under XP but I'm sure this unfortunately won't be the last time we end  
up having to support a deployment on Vista.

Any help or experiences much appreciated.

Philip Lamb

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