[osg-users] problem with quadro cards & database pager / terrapage terrains = black tiles

Pierre Bourdin (gmail) bourdin at imerir.com
Mon Nov 2 02:16:25 PST 2009

Hi Vins,
I am running Delta3D terrain simulation & VPB built terrain on some
quadro card on Linux 64-bit system without any trouble...

But it might be different, as I've not such big database as you are
talking about and the terrain is not a terrapage file.

Does the problem only occur on very large database ?

What is your standard card vs Quadro card ? 
What is your driver version ? 
what is your system ?

If it is not a driver related problem, it might be a problem with some
VBO/PBO functions...


Le lundi 02 novembre 2009 à 09:06 +0000, vin baines a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Has anyone experienced problems with quadro cards and large terrains? I'm loading a pretty big (~8gb) terrapage file (using Delta3D 2.3.0 which i think is built against osg 2.8.0), and on a standard nvidia card it works fine.
> Using exactly the same software, i've tested it on two different machines with quadro cards and I get a combination of missing tiles or tiles appearing black (but with a changing alpha value depending on camera orientation). At different LODs the black tiles will change to a proper tile, but if the tile was though to be missing it will never load in.
> It's not always the same tiles causing the problem, and it almost seems that if i quit the app and re-run it up then the problem is less. its really unpredictable. have tried turning all the graphics card options (e.g. anisotropic filters etc) off and on and neither makes much difference. The card has 512mb memory on it so wouldn't have thought that would cause a problem...
> Really confusing!! 
> Any thoughts gratefully received!!
> Vins
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