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Maurizio Lodo maurimauri29 at msn.com
Sun Nov 1 14:04:31 PST 2009

Hi all,
I was trying to find a way to export my model created with OSG so that I can play with it in Blender. The only solution at the moment seems the Collada plugin. So I compiled collada-dom 2.2, then I tried 2.1, and I even found some Ubuntu pre-compiled collada-dom/libminizip installers, and then I recompiled OSG 2.8.2 in turn with each of these versions of collada-dom. Results with all of them is that I can open .dae files with osgviewer, which makes me believe that the plugin is installed and working correctly. However if I add osgDB::writeNodeFile( *root, "file.osg" ) to the code that generates my model, this results in the complete model which i can then view with osgviewer; if I add osgDB::writeNodeFile( *root, "file.dae" ) the resulting .dae file is very small (few kBytes, against the 3 or 4 Mbytes of the .osg file) and when I open it with osgviewer, there is nothing there. Am I missing something obvious here? Same happens if i try to convert the .osg file to .dae using os

Would there be anyone so kind to use a working version of osgconv on a .osg file in order to convert it to .dae for me? It would be very much appreciated

Thank you!


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