[osg-users] Paged Terrain Question

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Wed Dec 19 14:51:14 PST 2007

This is a good solution.

Perhaps a possible new feature for the existing OpenFlight importer would be
an Option to use PagedLOD nodes for external references (and not load the
external model), rather than ProxyNodes (and loading the model).

> The process I use:
> - copy master.flt to another directory (hopefully the file 
> references aren't absolute paths)
> - use osgDB:readNodeFile to read the copied master.flt. This 
> places osg::ProxyNodes in place of the actual .flt reference 
> files (because it can't find the referenced files)
> - write a custom NodeVisitor to convert the osg::ProxyNodes 
> to osg::PagedLODs
> - at the same time I convert the referenced .flts to .ives 
> and use their bounds to set the osg::PagedLODs center and radius.
> - save the master.flt as master.ive (or master.osg)
> Brian
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> Subject: [osg-users] Paged Terrain Question
> Hi, Im new to osg and I have an Openflight database, it has a 
> master.flt and would like to use osg to page it in rather 
> than loading all in memory at once . I'm not sure if 
> osgviewer is doing this already? or wether I should use 
> osgpagedLOD example to load in my database - if so how?
> Also down the track I would like to know which tiles are 
> being loaded in and which tiles are being loaded out. Where 
> would I be able to find the relevant point in the source code?
> Thank you and Merry Xmas
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