[osg-users] Meta-data in core OSG - project started

Gregoire Tarizzo gregoire.tarizzo at virtuelcity.com
Sat Apr 30 01:07:48 PDT 2011

Hi D.J. , hi all,

First, thanks a lot to all, for your feedback and ideas.  I’ve been following with a lot of interest your ideas and propositions on this topic and it helped us a lot. The v5 of the documentation will be out soon (likely monday), with more detailed information and the latest changes we made in our implementation.

@D.J. About the deprecation of _userData and _descriptions : 
Well yes, this behaviour is intended. One of the objectives of this meta-data system was to replace _userData and _descriptions from the object and node and by doing so, make it a few bytes lighter when not using any of those, while providing a tool able to handle multiple values from multiple types.
Moreover _userData and _descriptions may be removed, but it doesn’t mean that all the _userData and _descriptions methods won’t work anymore. We reforged them so that they use the new metadata system. So hopefully it won’t change anything for the user. One of our first issues was the “protected” access to _userData, meaning we can’t reach the 100% backward compatibility if we delete _userData because of the possibility of a direct access to this member w/ using the getter.
In the end, we thought that the side effect is not major enough, and easy to deal with (juste replace the direct _userData accesses in Object derived classes by the getUserData() method, and it works fine).

1st post on this mailing list/forum, yay. \o/
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