[osg-users] depth problem (clip) - Bonus : osgDepthPartition problem (shake)

Clem Barbier furane at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 08:38:52 PDT 2011


Thank you for the indication. I had some problem with osg upgrade (2.9.12) but it's ok (installation in my development environment and MatrixManipulator <-> CameraManipulator) !

osgShadows isn't a special depth partition example and I guess I don't understand everything (about how to use). In the case of osgDepthPartition Example, I've added DepthPartitionNode, which is at the top of my tree. Here, with osgViewer depth partition this isn't the same thing.

I use setUpDepthPartition() and with my implementation, I've some problem yet (with setGraphicsContext I guess). 

I will consider it with serious and I'll seek help if needed.

I've created this post to say thank you and I'm interested in your answer. ;)


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