[osg-users] [build] Multi-threading crashing on start-up (2.8.3, XP, VS2008)

Michele Fiorentino fiorentino at poliba.it
Tue Apr 26 20:54:26 PDT 2011


i detail the error...
// Description:  set processor affinity for the thread
// Use: public
int Thread::setProcessorAffinity(unsigned int cpunum)
 ----------->   QtThreadPrivateData* pd = static_cast<QtThreadPrivateData*>(_prvData);
    pd->cpunum = cpunum;
    if (!pd->isRunning) return 0;
    // FIXME:
    // Qt doesn't have a platform-independent thread affinity method at present.
    // Does it automatically configure threads on different processors, or we have to do it ourselves?
    return -1;

Thank you!


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