[osg-users] Meta-data in core OSG - project started

Sukender suky0001 at free.fr
Wed Apr 20 07:32:45 PDT 2011

Hi Peter and Sergey,

Well for now serialization of userData is made blindly. I guess unsafe things will be serialized the same way.

And yes, I guess metadata will be a base for more applications, but as long as there is no "hard" requirement in the basement, I don't think about coding things towards actor/entities management in a first implementation. Don't you think, Sergey?


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----- "Peter Amstutz" <peter.amstutz at tseboston.com> a écrit :

> I think the metadata system under discussion will be useful for
> associating scene graph nodes with their owner entities. This is
> necessary for various scene-graph oriented operations like picking,
> custom culling, etc that need to refer back to your application domain
> entities . You certainly could use it to store your entity components,
> but that should be up to the user. I think we need to be careful to
> avoid scope creep.
> This discussion does bring up one related issue, though. Regarding
> serialization, I had been thinking that the metadata system should
> only be allowed to contain data that can be safely serialized. I
> realize now that is wrong, for precisely this issue that the metadata
> system will be used to hold pointers to application domain entities
> that are opaque to the serialization system.
> Peter
> On 4/20/2011 8:30 AM, Sergey Kurdakov wrote:
> Hi Sukender,
> However I think the entity thing is far more "high level" than just
> metas. that is correct.
> still there is need to assemble metas as objects into something useful
>  and
> also exchange info ( message system ).
> this functionality  might be a separate addition,  but it's presence (
> or
> considering it's use with metas; I'm not sure, but it might add some
> additional fields, methods etc ) will greatly extend 'use' cases
> to jump start to apply your metas in projects.
> Regards
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