[osg-users] FrameBufferObject problems on OSG 2.9.11

Fred Smith osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Apr 20 07:25:43 PDT 2011


I have an application using a single, unique viewer doing occasional RTT by the means of an ABSOLUTE_RF slave camera with a distinct scene graph. I had chosen a while ago to do my RTT this way and not use a separate context.

I have a tool that pregenerates lots of textures, each texture generation going through a cycle of addSlave/removeSlave and distinct scene graoh disposal etc. Then, once all textures are generated, I get back to my main loop where viewer.frame() is called again. At this very moment, with release 2.9.12 - or actually a trunk snapshot somewhere inbetween releases 2.9.12 and 2.9.13 - I experience very weird issues where my application stalls quite badly for some unexplained reason. Again, this is once it gets past the texture generation and back into the main loop with viewer.frame().

I tried a release/debug build (VS2010) and noticed a couple of weird assertions with the debug build but only once or twice. Sometimes the computer freezes for a little while.

When I saw these messages I decided to try with release 2.9.10. I don't seem to have the same problem with this release.
These investigations are not exhaustive yet but I wanted to let you know.


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