[osg-users] Forked osgIntrospection to cppintrospection

Wang Rui wangray84 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 07:47:52 PDT 2011

Hi Alexandre,

Sorry for not following the thread because of my client work and the
coming plan for the OSG cookbook (not started at present, but will be
on the way soon :-).

2011/4/19 Alexandre Quessy <alexandre at quessy.net>:
> For the name of the project, Mike Wozniewski and I think we need this
> project to be renamed cppintrospection to avoid a name clash with the
> former one, unless I am misled. We still use some old OSG that is
> packaged in Debian, and it contains a osgIntrospection library.

I'm OK with the name cppintrospection as it could be used in many
other projects to wrap c++ source codes. osgWrappers could be just an
important but not necessary component of it, which demonstrates the
functionalities of the introspection framework and shows how to use
the wrappers in other languages and for reflection use.

> Also, I really want to avoid working with Subversion, as Git is much
> more fun to work with.

It should be OK to use a more powerful source control utility in my
opinion. But I just failed to checkout the cppintrospection project
with tortoiseGIT this afternoon. Maybe it is because of my terrible
network or there was some maintenances on the github website? :-)

> Those two issues are not really issues, after all. I would really like
> to collaborate with you, Wang Rui, and benefit from your future
> changes to this project. I don't plan to make any change to it, as I
> am only interested in seeing it packaged, especially for Debian
> GNU/Linux.

I'll try to compile and make cppintrospection work on my Windows
system these few days. After that I'll start to work on the cmake
support and in the future, think of using the wrappers with SWIG to
generate code for other languages like C# and Python. Don't wait for
my contribution because I'm still busy in the following months.


Wang Rui

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