[osg-users] Issue with drawing polygons

Gaurav Garg gaurav at vizexperts.com
Sun Apr 17 17:05:33 PDT 2011

We have separate geometries for both LINE and FILL (Each one can be
dynamically turned off and both can be on at the same time). So, we need not
to switch between these modes. We are using polygon primitives because we
need to support object selection in the application (using
LineSegmentIntersector). Is there any way, I can select polygons drawn as
Line loop primitive.


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On 4/17/2011 11:09 AM, Gaurav Garg wrote:
> I am trying to create osg polygon geometry with polygon mode = 
> osg::PolygonMode::LINE. The issue is that line segment joining first 
> and last point is not being drawn. This issue is not reprducible on 
> all the systems. It works fine on my GTX 460 and ATI Radeon 5700 
> machines. But, it is producible with other nvidia cards like Quadro 5000
or GF 310M. I have tried using the same driver version on nvidia machines.

  Do you need to dynamically switch between PolygonMode LINE and FILL, or
are you always doing LINEs? Because you could try using a Line Loop
primitive instead of polygons.

> Has anybody faced similar issue? Any help in this regard will be grateful.

  I have no experience with this. I know the Quadros have different
line-drawing code in their driver, because line-drawing performance is one
place where all the money you pay for a Quadro actually makes a big
performance difference.

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