[osg-users] Android Development Plans

Jorge Izquierdo Ciges jorizci at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:31:51 PDT 2011

Nope glstatic flag is not needed. There's a patch pending revision to do a
proper loading of gles 2 in Android because normal unix/linux loading is not

About errors. . .

I/com.android.osgViewerGLES2( 6136): glVersion=0, isGlslSupported=YES,

That's normal, the languaje opengl is not parsed correctly. I submited a
patch for that also, but i think that i'll rewrite it to be more robust
because the actual parsing fails very often when something changes.

W/com.android.osgViewerGLES2( 6136): Warning: detected OpenGL error 'invalid
enumerant' at Before Renderer::compile

That's normal. It depends on the example. If you use a enumerant that
doesn't exist in gles 2. If that was with the cow i was thinking in
including some extensions of gles2 that should do the fix.

I/com.android.osgViewerGLES2( 6136): ShaderComposer::~ShaderComposer()

D/com.android.osgViewerGLES2( 6136): Renderer::compile()

Those two come together often. Just look to the other Gles 2 thread is just
that the prefab shaders of OSG don't work well with gles 2 in devices. I
think that's because even if it is not specified there are some requirements
that were not seen in emulators. Basically put your own shaders and that

Another issue is missing statistics, probably HUD shader is needed.

No shaders - no hud. (That goes in hand with previus issue)

The message rerouting to logcat is cool i didn't think of that because i had
the stdout rerouted to logcat in my Archos.

It's good to see some more people working with this ^__^

The Automatic Shader is something that i think Robert was going to change or
so i think i readed in the mail list. The languaje version/shader i don't
know if there's anything that uses it really. It didn't do any damage to my
tests but as i said i sent some fix for gles.

2011/4/13 Marcin Hajder <mhajder at o2.pl>

> I added OSG_GL_LIBRARY_STATIC=ON which I presume is needed for static
> build, anyway it wasn't working without this flag enabled
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