[osg-users] Building DICOM plugin with DCMTK

tim paige tim.paige at cox.net
Wed Apr 13 14:12:04 PDT 2011

Hi Chris,

I am having the same frustrating problem with dicom plugin using 3.6.
No matter how many times I reconfigure with CMAKE and regenerate, as well as playing with the FindOurDCMTK.cmake for the find utility... it refuses to put the additional include files in the solution files in my VC10.

I know we can just stick them in there to solve the problem for the plugin, but that is cheating, and I've just about had it with my own stubborness.

In the cmakemodules directory, the FindOurDCMTK.cmake contains the places to look for dicom files of interest.  I found that a few of my files would never have been found by the suggested directories listed in there. I "solved" some by adding a line or two with the "right" directory paths to lookin as per my directory structure, and in other cases, like library files for dcmdata, dcmimgle, dcmnet, and especially imagedb, would not be found because they are not at the suggested places. 

I started monkeying around with the suggested places, and got other things besides the one you have. There was an annoying feature of cmake that keeps putting back an entry that doesn't exist and insisting that everytime you change it and regenerate or rebuild, it ignores you and restores from a very persistent cache.

The fact that my download of dcmtk included lib files in build directories gave me a clue that a mention of "configuring" dicom might be something to investigate. If that does restructure directories and file names then that long shot might be more feasible. For instance... cmake wants an imagedb library. Well... I don't have one... got dcmimage... but I'll not know how that goes until I get past that annoying lack of an include file that I'm not willing to give up on yet.

Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one!

Extra Cheers to you,

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