[osg-users] [osgPlugins] osg Dae plugin error: Texture coordinate set 0 not found

Anastasia Papas hyper_pontia at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 10:00:21 PDT 2011

Hello Sukender,

Thank you very much for your reply! I went through my collada file and all I found related to either "unit" which you suggested should change are the following two lines:

<unit name="inch" meter="0.0254"/>


And then I looked for texture too:

<texture texture="V4SmplTorsoM_BKN_jpg-sampler" texcoord="CHANNEL1"/>

<bind_vertex_input semantic="CHANNEL1" input_semantic="TEXCOORD" input_set="0"/>

<input semantic="TEXCOORD" source="#geom-Victoria_4.2-map1" offset="2" set="0"/>

I don't know to which of all you were refering that should change, but anyway all of the are set to 0.

Please help me, I am really stack on this for long time and I have no idea how to fix it :-/ I really need my textures :-|

Thank you once again for your time!!

Best Regards,


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