[osg-users] [3rdparty] Cloud node kit

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Sun Apr 10 23:00:32 PDT 2011

Hi Sythel,

OSG can only provide functionalities someone programmed and contributed to OSG.
Maybe you are the one providing a great cloud Nodekit :)

I personally started with the same thoughts and approach to the cloud issue, but as I realized how difficult and time consuming a cloud rendering is, I calculated: What cost a 3rdParty cloud rendering toolkit and how expensive is it when I try to build it myself. Therefore I decided in osgVisual to include silverlining, because lots of other and more urgent issues have to be solved. I'll come back to the cloud and sky issue (it's one of my 'dreams' to develop a really good one) when I've finished the other tasks....maybe...2050 ;) 

If your project is opensource, you may have luck and get a free license with strict limitations regarding non-commercial use.


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