[osg-users] [3rdparty] Distributed rendering (was: RE: Cloud node kit)

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Sun Apr 10 11:01:53 PDT 2011


you can use several aproaches for distrubuted rendering:

a) If you use the same software and same input data (-> identical scene graph), you could transfere the camera settings and scene grpah modifications via settings.
b) You could use equalizer to distribute the GL rendering: http://www.equalizergraphics.com/documents/WhitePapers/OpenSceneGraphClustering.pdf
c) you could use the paper mentioned above.

osgVisuals cluster is quite simple: it assumes the same databse and software on all nodes, so it has only to transfer the camera settings and distribute the node modifying actions to all clients. This way all cleints render the identical image. For each client you can specifiy a camera offset ( rotation/translation)  to achieve the rendering of differned scene party.

@Ümit Uzun  : Thanks for the paper link, I'll read it carfully if it servers my needs :)

Thank you!


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