[osg-users] [3rdparty] Cloud node kit

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Sun Apr 10 10:37:15 PDT 2011

Hi Sythel,

regarding your cloud question:

you can use
a) Silverlining (supports OSG out of the box, for more sophisticated OSG integration take a look at osgVisual.)
b) Simul TrueSky: looks fantastic, but afaik it soes not support geocentric maps out of the box. Provides a OSG integration, but is is a quite simple example.
c) osgEarth's SkyNode and add the cloud rendering yourself. Google for OpenGL cloud to get papers and algorithm examples to add the cloud capability. Example: http://www-evasion.imag.fr/Membres/Eric.Bruneton/

osgVisual doesn't provide own sky algorithms it self currently. Depending how long you need your programm to run, oyu can play with Silverlining, it terminates without license after 5 minutes.

The plans for osgVisual are: 
design a generic sky/athmosphe/cloud baseclass with with a simple sky/athmosphere implementation. Additionally it should provide implementations for Silverlining, simul TrueSky and osgEarth SkyNode integration.

.. but just plans, time is limited..

for distributed rendering: look at the other thread.


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