[osg-users] Multiple Render Targets & Multisampling

dimi christop dimi_christop at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 8 03:04:55 PDT 2011

As far I understand, what you are saying is that as soon as you enable 
on the FBOs you can not use the multiple render targets. All targets show the 
same thing as the first one.
But this is not the case when you dont use a multisampled FBO.

I had the exact same problem and dropped the efford to find a solution as soon
I found that probably something inside osg was the culprit. All my pure OpenGL 
examples were running fine.
What does OSGPPU do to handle multisampled FBOs?


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Has anyone tried to do any advanced* multisampled post effect using osg?
If yes, I would like to know the "best osg path" to achieve this.

*deferred rendered for example

I have tried to attach a texture to a camera along with the multipleSamples and 
multisampleColorSamples values.

This works ONLY when i have one rendertarget. In all other cases in the final 
compositing shader,
i see only the first (and not the 2nd 3rd etc ) render target. The other render 
targets are not black, but they appear overwritten with the contents of the 
first render target.

On the other hand i see the osgfpdepth example and it has a completely different 
approach to the subject, almost handling manually fbos and rendertargets.

I tried searching on the mailing list for this subject, but almost all 
discussions seem to stop without a final result at about 2 years ago.

Tnx for your time,

Anthousis Andreadis
anthousis at gmail.com

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