[osg-users] OSG plugin for browsers

Luigi Calori l.calori at cineca.it
Thu Apr 7 18:43:13 PDT 2011

Hi everybody,  nice to see again interest on this topic

The following link is old, I' ve moved stuff on different repos:

"latest" windows stuff is available as a bazaar checkout at


This is a (quite confused and uncleaned) mix of our own osg 
"application" (specialized manipulators, node visitors and event 
handlers) + some experiments on wrapping mainly under windows with 
different approaches.

Under Windows (and Linux) I have tried the "out of process" tecnique:
The browser plugin is kept minimal and it just spawn another process 
where all the OSG code lives, under windows the plugin process
pass the window id to the osg app that in turns subclass it and then 
start the viewer.
The main reason for doing that derive from our first attempt of osg4web 
in VirtualRome.org project that was living in the same FFox process and 
  was affected by browser crashes on repeated reload.

Under Linux, we have a simpler experiment using Firebreath and Gtk Plug 
/ Socket to allow external process.

the linux stuff is a Bazaar branch at lp:osg4weblinux

We have also an example on OSX but it can not use out of process.

We would be really happy to share ideas, suggestion and code, as this is 
really a though field...

Our short term plan is to:

  consolidate the repo and build structure, possibly migrating to social 
coding platform (bzr, github..... suggestion welcome)
  separate our Application specific code from the (possibly) general 
plugin stuff
  use FireBreath for all the platforms to provide browser independence 
and minimal  javascript wrapping

see weather out of process is really useful for stability even with 
current browser architecture:

longer term:

setup consistent deployment across browser (we have experimented firefox 
only embedding inside extension, as found in
define javascript helpers and html test pages
see if  rendering abstraction could be implemented within FireBreath

We' ll post as soon as we have better code, any suggestion or 
contribution welcome


All the code is currently  HIGHlY experimental (read messy).
As we do not have cleanly separated the application code from plugin 
code,  the license is to be considered GPL , as soon as we will succeed 
in cleaning we' ll put the correct license and copyright disclaimer on 
top of all source files. We are open to release the code that is 
perceived as useful with the same license as OSG.

the Authors are

Luigi Calori
Carlo Camporesi
Bruno Fanini
Guido Baldassarri
Lorenzo Lodi

Best regards

On 07/04/2011 17.13, Chris 'Xenon' Hanson wrote:
> On 4/7/2011 3:30 AM, Thibault Genessay wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have been looking for quite a long time for a way to integrate
>> OpenSceneGraph applications in web browsers. Several plugins seem to
>> have emerged in the past years:
>> - osg4web (project created on Google code, nothing to download)
> The code is available at
> cvs -d :pserver: anonymous at cvs.cineca.it/cvsroot/unigrids co
> projects/osg/cineca/web/osg4web_r2
>    I haven't tried checking it out myself.

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