[osg-users] State changes causing huge drop in framerate

Fred Smith osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Apr 6 06:57:39 PDT 2011

Hi JP,

J.P. Delport wrote:
> Hi Fred,
> maybe have a look at this:
> http://www.bricoworks.com/articles/stateset/stateset.html
> I remember something like that state equality is only tested using 
> pointers and not internal data. So, maybe you'll have to explicitly 
> share state (that getOrCreate won't do).
> Sorry I can't actually answer from more experience.
> jp

What about if I need to put a texture in my state? Often, each object has its own texture.

Having distinct StateSet objects will be required, and I will be hit by the performance drop.

What can I do in this case?

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