[osg-users] [vpb] osgdem .asc file seems to build terrain backwards?

tim paige tim.paige at cox.net
Mon Apr 4 14:17:39 PDT 2011


I have updated my gdal to openev with fwtoolkit, and redid the exercise of transforming the elevation data. Using OpenEV and doing the translation and a viewing in the tif format, I can see what I expect for my coastline.

However, when I generate the terrain with osgdem using my new found tif, and view with osgviewer, I get a coastline that is 180 degrees out (mirrored in one direction).

When I try to use a graphic editor to view the tif, it claims invalid image, and I thought it was supposed to be able to be viewed even as a geotiff.

Does this only happen with .asc files?
Any more thoughts?

More cheers,

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