[osg-users] LOD Node

Martin Haffner struct at gmx.net
Sun Apr 3 09:25:03 PDT 2011

I see. One more little question: I have a lot of objects (for example trees) along a road segment.

Sure, I could give each tree an LOD node (one LOD node for each tree) but I guess it would be smarter if I did use the same LOD node for the segment. As I said I want to make a LOD node for each road segment and each LOD node has 3 child geodes. osg will pick one child node (based on the distance) and depending on which child node it picks I want to render all corresponding trees of this segment in the same level of detail.

For example: Lets look at road segment2. Segment2 has one LOD node with 3 ranges. Openscenegraph picks the last one (the low poly one) because the node is far away. Now I want to render ALL objects along this lane in low polygon mode too. If I render a road segment with high tessellation I want to render ALL objects of this road segment with high tessellation too etc.
How could I achieve this with osg?

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