[osg-users] LOD Node

Martin Haffner struct at gmx.net
Sun Apr 3 08:27:10 PDT 2011

Thanks for your fast reply!

Ok, lets say I have 2 matrix transform nodes. One makes a huge translate to the right (x axis) and the other a huge translation fo the left. Each matrix transform node has one geode as a child, which renders a tree.

If I add these 2 matrix transform to a LOD node (at ranges (0,100) and (100,1000)), then the following happens: The bounding spheres of the geodes are propagated upwards to the matrix transform nodes. The bounding spheres are again propagated upwards to the LOD node and a new big sphere is computed with encloses both bounding spheres (in other words: the LOD node now has a huge sphere that encases both tree bounding spheres).
The distances (0,100,1000) always mean: The distance from the camera to the center of the LOD sphere.

Is this correct?

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