[osg-users] Simplifier error

Martins Innus minnus at ccr.buffalo.edu
Thu Apr 28 06:19:06 PDT 2011


     I am running into a problem with the simplifier.  See the attached 
files.  The command I run is:

osgconv --simplify 0.01 testfile.osg testfile_simplified.osg

The original file is a small piece cut out of a vpb generated polygonal 
dataset.  Part of the geometry folds over itself after simplification.  
You can see it easily if you look at the simplified dataset from the 

Has anybody seen anything like this or have any suggestions on how to 
fix it?

I am running on Mac OSX and a slightly out of date SVN, but from the 
logs, Simplifier hasn't changed in a long time.


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