[osg-users] New FBX SDK

Michael Platings mplatings at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 09:03:46 PDT 2011

Hello FBX plugin users,
Autodesk have released version 2012.1 of the FBX SDK, and I've now updated
the plugin to work with it - source attached.
The new SDK has deprecated/removed several features used by the plugin so to
get it working again I've had to make non-trivial changes that may break
loading/saving some files. I've tested with a wide range of files but more
testing will be appreciated :)
The SDK's directory structure and library names have changed and as I don't
know the default file locations on Mac & Linux I *need help adding those to

I'll delay actually submitting the changes for a while to give you guys time
to fix the Mac & Linux paths and test/fix any bugs that may have been
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