[osg-users] Corruption with Optimizer MERGE_GEOMETRY

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 06:02:11 PDT 2011

Hi all,

Unless I'm mistaken, there seems to be a problem with MERGE_GEOMETRY in the
optimizer. I have a sample file that gets corrupted with run though the
optimizer with MERGE_GEOMETRY enabled.

The file is here:

The model is an outline of Canada. To see the corrupted model, simply run it
through osgviewer.

You can disable the MERGE_GEOMETRY optimization and see the correct model by
setting the envvar "OSG_OPTIMIZER" to "DEFAULT ~MERGE_GEOMETRY" and running
osgviewer again.

Anyway, I'm looking for any insight into this issue ... before attempting to
delve into the Optimizer code and figure it out. I'm on SVN HEAD, Win32.
Any pointers are appreciated, thanks!!

Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping / @glennwaldron
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