[osg-users] clipping problem with PagedLODs

Jason Jerald jason at dartforms.com
Mon Apr 18 15:48:34 PDT 2011


I created two new classes:  ClipNodeReused inherited from ClipNode, and
ClipPlaneReused from ClipPlane (basically just overriding
apply(osg::State&)).  These classes enable me to reuse the OpenGL clipping
planes so that I can do more than the graphics hardware limit of 6-8
clipping planes.  This has worked well.  However, I recently discovered that
some model files do not get clipped correctly.  The only thing that I see is
different about these files is that they contain PagedLODs.  I am not sure
of the details of LODs to know if some form of clipping (perhaps as part of
some form of culling?) might be happening that is keeping my custom clipping
from occurring.  Have others been able to clip PagedLODs successfully?  Any
ideas what might be going wrong here?






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