[osg-users] VRPN input for manipulation

Johannes Taelman johannes.taelman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 09:30:23 PDT 2011


I'm trying to revive an old immersive VR head-mounted-display setup - a Virtuality Visette 2. I have a VRPN server running for the two magnetic 6DOF trackers (Polhemus Insidetrack) - one for the HMD, one for the "v-flexor" handheld joystick.
I'm to the point that I can look around in virtual space with the HMD, thanks to the osgVrpn plugin, the next step is manipulating the virtual world with the joystick. osgVrpn seems only made for camera tracking, so I guess I'd need to write something for world manipulation. I think the best way to inject the joystick VRPN data in OSG would be using USER GUI-events? Is that correct?
Has anyone done anything similar before?


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