[osg-users] txp loader fix

paul1492 at yahoo.com paul1492 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 04:31:19 PDT 2011

Let me post this to a more appropriate mailing list in hopes of getting a 
response. See below for e-mail.

Paul P.

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robertosfield wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> When I run "osgviewer archive.txp" I still have the warning emitted to
> the console:
> txp::ReaderWriterTXP::getArchive() error: archive id 1 not found: 
> remove archive 1 size 0 result 1
> Any idea?
> Robert.

What is the status on this?  I get the same "error" message when I load a TXP 
file once I switched to 2.9.11.

Also, when I switched from 2.9.9 to 2.9.11 some TXP pages that are close to the 
FOV aren't being paged in unless I increase the LODScale. Has the Range to tile 
calculation (or LOD Scale) changed from 2.9.9 to 2.9.11?


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