[osg-users] Replacement of subtrees

Martin Haffner struct at gmx.net
Mon Apr 11 08:15:58 PDT 2011


I have a scenegraph with an LOD node which has 5 children:
The first child is a Geode and 1 Drawable.
The second child a group node with many matrix transform children where each matrix transform node has one child of type ProxyNode.
The children 3 to 5 are Geode's which contain several Drawables (about 30 to 70).

Now I have to update the matrix transform nodes and the Drawables every frame. I wonder what would be the best approach to accomplish this? Is it possible to keep the Drawables and just change it's content or could this be problematic in conjunction with multithreaded rendering? Or should I just delete the Drawables and create new Drawables every frame?

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