[osg-users] Quad buffered 3d, frame sequential stereo and Panasonic TV compatability

PC John peciva at fit.vutbr.cz
Fri Apr 8 08:00:18 PDT 2011

Hi Graham,
neither I succeed with Samsung UE40C7000.
You can see some thoughts at

Feel free to contribute to the thread.
I am too looking for the solution.... :-) .

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> Subject:  [osg-users] Quad buffered 3d, frame sequential stereo and Panasonic 
TV compatability
> Date:  29. 3. 2011  21:02:36
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> Hi,
> I've seen this topic come up once or twice, but I can't figure out what's
> going wrong in my setup. I have a new Panasonic Viera 3D TV (ST30 series)
> that I'm driving with a Quadro 380 FX in windows XP with OSG 2.2. I'm
> trying to view models in 3D, either with the vertical split or quad buffer
> option, and neither is working (though horizontal split works fine, oddly
> enough.)
> The graphics card is connected to the TV via HDMI. I'm using the TV's
> emitter and glasses. When I choose the frame sequential input option on
> the TV with a quad buffered input from the computer, the glasses don't
> activate, meaning the TV doesn't recognize that it is receiving a 3D
> input.
> If I can't get quad buffered/ frame sequential stereo to work, I'm OK with
> using vertical split stereo.
> I've worked with the GT25 Viera series in the past and have been able to
> get satisfactory results with vertical split stereo, but with the new
> model the vertical split mode looks "off." The new TV recognizes the two
> images and combines them, but the result is headache-inducing. I've tried
> playing with all the TV settings and flipping the eye orientations on both
> the computer end and the TV end. Aside from eye swapping, none of my OSG
> variables (eye separation, screen dimensions etc.) have changed from the
> setup that ran the old TV well.
> Any clues as to how to get something working here? I figure the worst case
> scenario is returning the new TV and finding an old model to buy online
> somewhere, but as this is for an institution that would be quite a hassle.
> Thank you!
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