[osg-users] Sharing a VBO and EBO between multiple geodes

Fred Smith osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Apr 6 03:41:25 PDT 2011


I'm trying to share a VBO and an EBO between multiple primitivesets of different geodes. My structure is the following (I always have only one primitiveset per geode, hence my question)

+ Geode
--+ PrimitiveSet
+ Geode
--+ PrimitiveSet
+ Geode
--+ PrimitiveSet
and so on

I've tried to do it in 2 different ways:

1) By first creating one unique ElementBufferObject and one unique VertexBufferObject for the whole scene graph, but then creating individual, distinct vertex arrays for each primitivesets, eg:

int numberOfVertexArrays = 0;
Geometry *geom = new Geometry(); // create my geometry
Vec3Array *arr = new Vec3Array(); // 1 distinct vertex array for each geometry
arr->setVertexBufferObject(uniqueVbo); // use the unique VBO

For the EBO, I use DrawElements::setBufferIndex(), my index being the index of the vertex array I'm adding to the EBO.

DrawElements *drawElements = [...];

2) By creating one unique EBO and one unique VBO, and having only one unique vertex array, too. Everything's pretty much unique.

In both cases, OSG keeps binding/unbinding Array and Element buffers inbetween glDrawElements calls. I mean, OSG even does this when VBO and EBO buffer ids don't change across glDrawElements calls.

Isn't there a way to bind the VBO and EBO once for all at the beginning and then render everything?

Or do I *have* to have everything declared in the same geometry?


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