[osg-users] Site localization equations for RTK GPS

Brett dmiller at cfu.net
Sat Apr 2 10:09:27 PDT 2011


I was wondering if any of the equations or libraries used with osg or 
vpb allow the user to perform site calibration / localization for RTK 
GPS.  ie. I am trying to create a transform to convert WGS84 coordinates 
into a local Cartesian coordinate system based on matching 3 or more GPS 
survey points with locally defined / measured points.  The local points 
are in a localized 'flat' coordinate system.  This may require 
calculating a local 'datum' using something like a Molodensky or 
Bursa-Wolf transform.  I am looking for information to develop these 
equations or some open-source software to perform this calculation.  Any 
help or advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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