[osg-users] Compressed texture

Yefei He yhe at nads-sc.uiowa.edu
Tue Mar 31 11:12:19 PDT 2009

Sorry, the first sentence in the second paragraph should read "...flt
files that uses uncompressed textures...".


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> Hi, Folks,
>     If I create a flt file that uses compressed .dds files as textures,
> and then convert the flt file to ive format with the option
> "-O noTexturesInIVEFile", do I still get compressed texture when
> loading
> the ive file? Reading through the source code, it seems to indicate
> that
> the internal texture format is preserved by the dds loader as
> compressed
> texture, and passed on to the osg core. So I assume it works.
>     I have thought of converting the flt files that uses compressed
> textures to ive files with built-in texture and with one of the
> compressed
> texture options. But in my set up I use multiple flt files that share
> textures, and I'm not sure if with built-in textures in ive files, I
> will
> have multiple instances of the same texture loaded into memory, so
> instead
> of one uncompressed texture in memory, I may end up with 20 compressed
> texture of identical content in memory. Is this what's going to happen
> with ive files with built-in textures?
>     Thanks,
>     Yefei
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