[osg-users] Windows 7 beta: "The binary is not a valid Windows image."

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com
Sun Mar 29 09:35:03 PDT 2009

Hi Robert,

> I don't expect there are any, since it's essentially Vista with bug 
> fixes (and the binaries themselves have been built with VS2005 same as 
> we would use on XP or Vista) but haven't done any actual testing in this 
> vein. I have an XP system here so I'll test it out and give you the 
> results soon.

As I expected, the executables and DLLs built on Windows 7 (with VS2005 
SP1) run fine on the XP system. I ran osgviewer cow.osg and 
cessnafire.osg. I can run further tests if you want, but I really don't 
think the version of Windows will change much of anything here.

Jean-Sebastien Guay    jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com

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