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Hi Hannes,

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 8:54 AM, hannes_b at gmx.at <hannes_b at gmx.at> wrote:

> the developers care about how much does it cost to make the game. does
> opengl and osg lower time and cost to make games?

I think that depends upon the game type and the platforms they are trying to
market too.  There are soft targets right now that are ideal for use of
OpenGL and the OSG would be high end such as immersive simulators (yes the
OSG is out their in some high game arcades ;-)  Any game that wants to
target multiple desktop patforms are also a soft target.

OpenGL ES itself has a huge appeal in the embedded space.  There is
preliminary port of the OSG of OpenGL ES, but until we have the core OSG
ready to handle OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.x we can't yet.

the relevance is, which advantages has opengl and osg for games. if there
> are no, than developers will stick with d3d or "platform independent" for
> windows, xbox 360 and playstation 3 where no opengl is used.

Playstation 3 is OpenGL ES + a few extras from NVidia w.r.t. shaders.  So
it's not quite OpenGL by close.

The biggest console Wii has a OpenGL "like" graphics API.

The new high end phones have OpenGL ES on them... so there is a gaming
market segment here as well albeit in it's infancy.

if osg wants to address the game market it needs to have advantages and
> these have to be communicated.

I don't think the OSG is ready for an all out marketing assult on the games
market.  There are soft targets that will be the easy sell - these are the
ones to court first, leave the hard core Windows centric games companies
till much later.  The desktop market share is changing with Windows loosing
market share (i.e. XP + Vista + Windows 7), and the alternatives are
gaining, so the desktop gaming landscape is becoming fragmented, and made
more fragmented if people want to target different graphics API's for each
platform (i..e DX9 for XP, DX10 to Vista + Windows 7, OpenGL for Linux +
OSX).  OpenGL can help hold back some the impact of this market

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