[osg-users] osgAnimation Help

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Sat Mar 28 07:31:23 PDT 2009

Hello Ugras,

El Sábado 28 Marzo 2009ES 13:20:44 Ugras Erdogan escribió:
> Dear all,
>       I've been trying to perform a skeletal based animation for a mesh
> model and rather new to osgAnimation nodekit. 
> 1) Is it possible with 
> osgAnimation toolkit? Or should I refer to osgCal wrapper?

Yes, you can do it with osgAnimation.

> 2) Should I 
> prepare the bone hierarchy and attach it to the mesh model in a software
> (skinning) such as 3DS max and then import in osg or all these can be
> readily done in osg?

You can do it in both ways. 

> 3) If the above procedures can readily be done via 
> osgAnimation, what is the deformation rule for the models ie. how do the
> inverse kinematics are calculated? And for the deformations while animation
> is it just enough to control the bone positions? 

I think IK is not implemented yet. Cedric Pinson can tell you more about this.
As for the deformations, they are calculated with the weights of the mesh plus 
the bone transformations.

> 4) Is there any good 
> tutorial on the subject besides the bundled osg codes for a new starter in
> osgAnimation nodekit I'll be very pleased if you reply...

I'm afraid this is the only documentation available, in addition to the 
doxygen guides. However I must say that the osgAnimation examples are very 



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