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Sat Mar 28 06:46:57 PDT 2009

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Hi Harold,

Harold Comere wrote:
> Well, i'm a bit stuck and lack of ideas for now ... I have began to
> use osg 2 weeks ago, so maybe is there any kind of osg cool stuff
> wich could be usefull to do it that i ignore ?

This problem is outside of the scope of OSG and OSG doesn't really
support anything pathfinding related.

Out of top of my head, here are few ideas that are used in these types
of cases:

- - hierarchical pathfinding - having several levels of detail for the
scene, e.g. inside of a factory can be one, but if you are planning on
the continent level, you treat the factory only as a point.

- - dynamic constraints - again, hierarchical approach is needed. You get
the rough path from the planner, then use local collision avoidance to
avoid moving objects while following that path.

- - If the topology of the graph changes (e.g. collapsed wall somewhere),
you can use algorithms that allow local modifications of the graph,
without having to rebuild it for the whole scene. There are
modifications of A* and D* for this.

If you google for pathplanning on Google Scholar, you will find tons of
papers published on this.


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