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Hi Hannes,

s perception that needs to be cracked first.
> http://www.engadget.com/2009/03/27/havok-and-amd-show-off-opencl-with-pretty-pretty-dresses/
> i think it is important to get the maximum out of the hardware, for example
> minimum 30 fps and all over 60fps goes into quality.
> it is about a showcase what osg can do in a game and how does it compare to
> others.
> http://www.gametrailers.com/
>  http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey Steam Hardware Survey
>>> 24,75% dx10 system, dx10 gpu and vista 27,28% dx10 gpu on xp 27,60%
>>> dx9 sm 2b & 3.0 7,25 dx9 sm2 gpu 13,12 dx8 gpu and below
>> Self selective survey's can be of use for particular interest groups,
>> but rarely mean much outside the selective group.  The above survey
>> basically is 100% of who answer a suvery for a D3D centric
>> game/company had support for some version of D3D...
> it is not a self survey, the figures are from user data collected via
> steam. so it is accurate for all the counter strike, half life and so on
> gamers offered with steam to buy. i think these are the most exact figures
> about pc gamers and their hardware and os, public available. it shows a very
> interesting aspect of gaming, not all gamers have the newest hardware, a lot
> of people have slow one, be it old or mobile.
> http://www.solidsmack.com/solidworks-opengl-direct3d-gpu-comparison-cad/2008-09-01/
>> Highlights of Autodesk Inventor OpenGL to DirectX Evolution from
>> “Norbert” - Autodesk Inventor Graphics Team
Interesting link to the solidworks blog about OpenGL-Direct3D, in particular
the quotes from the Autodesk/Inventor develop/marketing.  Valid points are
that not al OpenGL drivers are great.  But the the inference that OpenGL
does wokr in 64bit... well that's buillshit.  The comment about off screen
rendering is also bullshit - kinda suggests that their OpenGL developers are
a bit incomptent if they can't use PBO's or Pbufferss.  OpenGL has been
working under 64bit way before Direct3D even first developed.  So.. perhaps
it's the drivers they are referrring too..   Also curiously no mention of
running on other platforms...  Finally the comment about OpenGL disabling
features in consumer hardware, this is true but they are very small part of
OpenGL, and ones that the Direct3D didn't even implement.

The disabling of small set of OpenGL features is a bit of sad case of
profittering from the ATI and NVidia, if they've decreased the number of
vendors using OpenGL and these must have features then they've rather shot
themselves in the foot, or at least shot their OpenGL division in the
foot.   Personally I don't use line smoothing or two side lighting too much
- does anybody here have issues with this?  Or is it just the internal
driver optimization for CAD that they are referring to?

The OpenGL driver quality is the key issue underneath all of this.  It's why
most of us end up recommending NVidia hardware over ATI or Intel.  Which
does kinda go against one of the main points of OpenGL - it's a hardware
abstraction layer that is meant to free you from being tied to a particular
hardware device.

On the OpenCL front it'd be good to get OSG + OpenCL integration out there
with demos.  Same goes for the test of the OSG - we don't really have any
full blown technology demos, just small little examples that are meant to
test and teach about very specific OSG/OpenGL features.  We do have 3rd
party applications and tools that might be used a bit more actively as
technology demonstrators.

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