[osg-users] VRML Normal Issue

Jan Ciger jan.ciger at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:04:56 PDT 2009

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Ben Axelrod wrote:
> I think we are agreeing with each other.

Yes, I think so.

> I agree the simplest thing for a user is to specify normals in the
> file for the best control over shading.  And I agree that in order to
> support the crease angle property, we will have to duplicate
> vertices.  Despite the crease angle being a "kludge", I do think that
> it should be implemented.  That is why I submitted the code, in case
> anyone wanted to implement the crease angle, I think that would be
> how to do it.

OK, great - I didn't see your submission. Unfortunately I do not have as
much time to develop and maintain this code as I would like, so I do
appreciate people contributing to it and keeping this code alive.

> Before, you said that duplicating vertices would lead to artifacts.
> Can you elaborate on this?  I don't see how it would when we are in
> the sharp edge case, and we give it a proper normal, and point the
> proper face index at the new vertex.

It was off-the-cuff remark, but I can imagine issues with z-fighting for
small crease angles. It increases the amount of data needed to be
transferred to the GPU as well.



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